How the repair process works:

Estimate and Approval

The estimate will indicate all the repairs needed to restore your vehicle to it’s like new condition. Additional supplements may be required when damaged parts are removed and subsequent damages are found.   Once we have received the customers approval we will begin the repair process.

Vehicle Drop Off and Triage (Body Shop)

Once the vehicle has been dropped off and the keys tagged, a technician will begin the  triage of the vehicle by removing the damaged parts.   During triage additional damage may be located and additional parts may be necessary to complete the repairs, this is where the supplement request comes in to play.  Our office will take care of getting your approval or the insurance company’s approval prior to continuing the repair.

Ordering of Parts and Installation

Necessary parts for the vehicle will be ordered.  There are various brands of the same parts: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – these are replacement parts made by the vehicles manufacturer;  Used  (recycled parts) – factory OEM parts that have been removed from the same make and model vehicle that has been salvaged; Aftermarket (non-OEM or Quality Replacement Parts) – new parts manufactured by companies other than the vehicle manufacturer.  Check your insurance policy to see what your insurer stipulates.   Parts that need to be painted will be sent to our paint shop.

Picking up your vehicle

If you have a deductible, this will need to be paid at the time of pick up.  Any insurance checks that have been sent should be given to our office or if you’ve deposited them, payment should be made in that amount as well as any deductible.  Supplemental checks may be mailed directly to you or to our shop, if you received a supplement that should be paid to our office as well.

Vehicle Reassembly and Detail

After being painted, the vehicle will be totally reassembled.  The final step of the repair process is having the vehicle inspected and cleaned.


Once all the parts have been replaced, the vehicle will be assembled and taken to the paint shop if required.  In the paint shop, the vehicle will be prepared for paint, sanded, primer applied, and be painted.

Please note, we cannot guarantee a completion date, there are many variables that can cause delays including parts delay, approvals, supplements, etc. We base the repairs on 3 hours per day.  Example if your repair time is 9 hours and you drop your car off on Tuesday, the repair should take approximately 3 days, meaning your vehicle should be ready Friday or Monday.